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St. Mary’s College

From the Principal’s Desk

Hearty welcome to the College that empowers!

St. Mary’s College has its roots in the vision of a teacher who wanted to make a difference. That is what has enabled us to recognize that the true cost of education is the years that are spent on it. While many of our students generate incomes that exceed their entire monetary cost of undergraduate education within a year of their graduation, the time invested in education, often the best part of one’s life, is simply priceless!

We, at St Mary’s College, firmly believe that education ought to be transformational. In fact, we know that real education is truly transformational, having seen thousands of our students go on to become successful in their own right. When truly transformational education is possible, to not provide that to a child is unpardonable and costs a lifetime. That is why we do not compromise on the quality of input that goes into the process of formal education. And, since we are equipping our students to be ready for a world which is diverse, competitive and challenging, we are constantly reimagining and reinventing our processes and systems to ensure the best outcomes for all of our students who have entrusted their precious time to us.

St. Mary’s College is committed to helping students learn how to learn. We are conscious of the fact that many of our current students will retire from jobs and fields that are yet to be created. Our focus on building student leadership, creative thinking and, developing a problem-solving mindset is purposeful. In fact, we think that is absolutely necessary for us to equip our students for a world in which change is the only constant. It is for this very reason that we have prioritized student activities and co-creation of knowledge in and outside our classrooms.

In an era where knowledge transfer is easy and relatively costless, we have chosen an outcome-based learning approach. Our teachers know that, given the problem of information overload that the current generation bombarded by countless media is facing, they need to help students prioritize information and provide a framework that prepares the students to develop an understanding of what is required and what is desirable. We have seen that our determination and concerted efforts to make a difference result in a positive change in what the student can do, what she cares about, what further learning she becomes capable of and what she becomes!

When a student joins St Mary’s College, it has to be because ‘the future begins here’. Any other reason will be myopic! We expect our students to commit their time and attention to the process of education because only then can we make a difference and ensure the outcomes that we work so hard for. We are proud of our alumni, many of whom are outstanding professionals in their chosen field.

Our students are, as we often say, Made in Mary’s, made for the world!

While we want our students to get maximum returns on the time they invest in their education here, we also want them to be making fond memories for a lifetime. It is this commitment to both outcomes and student experience that has made St. Mary’s College the most sought-after undergraduate college in Hyderabad. But, we do not want to be content with that. We aspire to be an institution globally acclaimed for comprehensive education and exceptional student experience.

J Mathew George

About the Principal

Prof. J. Mathew George joined the St Mary’s College as Principal in 2016. Prior to joining the St Mary’s College, he was an Associate Professor at IBS Hyderabad and headed the Center for Entrepreneurship Development of the ICFAI (Deemed) University, Hyderabad. An economist by training, he is an alumnus of the University of Hyderabad and Madras Christian College. He is known for his thought leadership, especially in the field of business education. He is also an alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) of the US Department of State, and has visited some of the top Universities in the US, including MIT and Harvard, Langston, University of California at San Diego, and New York State University. His areas of academic interest are spread over Education, Economics and Entrepreneurship. As an educator, he considers teacher training and mentoring as his top priorities, and he is focused on developing leadership at all levels, both amongst his colleagues and students.

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