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St. Mary’s College

St Mary’s Foundation

Community-Led Action Programme with Police

The Community-Led Action Programme with Police (CLAPP) for Women’s Safety at Public Places was a one-year community partnership initiative (July 15, 2015–July 15, 2016) by the International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) and the U.S. Consulate General, at Chennai and Hyderabad. Its objective was to work in collaboration with the police and the student communities to arrive at sustainable solutions to tackle sexual harassment at public spaces and within institutions. The project entailed putting together a team of police personnel and college youth (girls and boys) to work together and identify problem areas around gender-based violence against women and girls in public spaces, analyse the causes and consequences, develop and implement solutions and assess the effectiveness of these solutions.

In the six months since the inception of the CLAPP Project in July, 2015, PCVC established a strong relationship with both St. Mary’s College as well as the police force of Hyderabad and has successfully conducted three capacity building workshops in the city. Strong strides have been taken to establish a lively and robust social media presence that documents the team’s journey. This social media presence reached out to the larger public through a planned series of informational and thought-provoking posts aimed at initiating conversations. It sought to engage with the causes, consequences and impact of sexual harassment in public spaces in our cities. It also aimed at creating networks with organisations and people doing similar work both nationally and globally, in an effort to share learning, and to collaborate and stand together to show solidarity.