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St Mary’s College

Institutional Distinctiveness

St. Mary’s College envisions to be a globally acclaimed institution, committed to delivering comprehensive education and an exceptional student experience. At the heart of this vision lies a steadfast dedication to prioritizing the student journey. This is not just another one of the many claims colleges usually make. For a college that is uniquely positioned as one that is committed to student personality and leadership development, this is central to its relevance in the urban context in which it is located. The campus is intended and designed to be student-centric, fostering the development of leadership and essential life skills among its diverse student body. Consequently, student activities in St. Mary’s College are not something done as an afterthought but is at the core of the College’s philosophy of education.

Unlike traditional educational models that confine learning to classrooms, St. Mary’s College integrates learning into every facet of campus life. The classroom experience is meticulously crafted to optimize student engagement and achievement, complemented by robust e-resources accessible through the Learning Management System (LMS). Moreover, the college actively solicits and incorporates feedback from various stakeholders—students, faculty, the Student Council, parents, and alumni—to continuously enhance its offerings and elevate the overall educational experience.

Central to the ethos of St. Mary’s College is the harmonious blend of structure and flexibility, focusing on the joy of learning within a stress-free environment. Students benefit from a balanced framework that promotes rules alongside opportunities for enjoyment, freedom tempered by responsible boundaries, and a supportive environment that encourages personal growth while maintaining essential discipline.

Diversity of activities is a hallmark of the St. Mary’s College experience. The curriculum extends beyond academic pursuits to encompass a rich tapestry of co-curricular and extracurricular engagements. These include vibrant student clubs, enriching international exchanges, stimulating study circles, foreign language proficiency programs, finishing schools to hone professional skills, specialized certificate programs, and a lively calendar of cultural and sports events. Notably, International Day Celebrations stand as a testament to the college’s commitment to fostering a globally aware and interconnected community.

Despite being an affiliated college, St. Mary’s College attracts students who prioritize holistic education and an outstanding student experience over options offered by private universities and autonomous colleges. This preference is underscored by the college’s track record of nurturing not only academic excellence but also leadership potential and well-rounded personal development among its students. Put differently, academics is only a part of the value proposition that St. Mary’s College offers to its students. The College considers the whole experience as educative and not just the parts involving lectures or laboratory experiments.

It is this approach that is reflected in all our admission calls too. St. Mary’s College’s social media posts calling for applications would say, ‘BeMore than BCom’ or ‘BeMore than BSc’, because our purpose as an institution is to encourage and equip our students to be more than their UG programmes. In fact, for someone who is looking at just a degree, St. Mary’s College is not the right college. Similarly, for someone whose entire focus is only on passing exams, St. Mary’s College would not be their kind of college. It is this clarity about our purpose and relevance among the hundreds of institutions around that makes us value the time students are giving to the college. While money can be made or lost, a student’s time, once lost, cannot be regained. Therefore, St. Mary’s College believes that the true cost of education is the years that a student puts into it, and the College is committed to ensure that the student gets much more than a degree at the end of it.

When truly transformational education is possible, a student who is deprived of it pays a huge price in terms of opportunities lost. So, a teaching-learning process that prioritises understanding over rote-learning, and an education that encourages students to give importance to develop skills in fields of their choice over being bookish in every field are consciously and intentionally implemented. The College makes sure that students have adequate opportunities to develop their potential, grow leadership skills, and be confident global citizens.

St. Mary’s College’s stated mission includes an intent to ensure industry-relevant, skill-oriented, practice-based learning and holistic development rooted in the values of the Indian sub-continent. Alongside, it also has worked towards creating a customer-centric, service-assured learning environment which widens the horizon of student aspirations. To this end, the College attempts to hire the best resources possible while also building strategic partnerships that can help the College in its vision and mission. Today, if the College has one of the most vibrant campuses in the Twin Cities, it is also because of this steadfast commitment from all stakeholders to make St. Mary’s College an institution that raises aspirations to be more and empowers individuals to build a better future for themselves and others.

A compelling measure of St. Mary’s College’s success in delivering exceptional student experiences and nurturing leadership capabilities can be seen in the range of achievements of its illustrious alumni. While on the one hand, students who wanted to pursue their unique dreams have frequently chosen St. Mary’s College to be their preferred institution for undergraduate studies, on the other, many students from ordinary backgrounds have found their calling on campus. Over the past two decades, the college has proudly produced a cadre of distinguished graduates who have excelled in various fields, including entertainment, business, academia, and public service. These alumni serve as living proof of the college’s transformative impact and enduring commitment to preparing students for success beyond graduation.

In conclusion, St. Mary’s College stands as a beacon of academic excellence and student-centred learning, guided by a vision that places paramount importance on holistic education and exceptional student experiences. By continually innovating its educational practices, integrating diverse learning opportunities, and fostering a supportive and enriching campus environment, the college remains steadfast in its mission to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.