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St Mary’s Educational Society

Institutional Distinctiveness

St Mary’s College’s vision is ‘To be an institution acclaimed globally for comprehensive education and exceptional student experience’. The three distinctive aspects of this vision are its global perspective, the focus on comprehensive education and the prioritization of student experience. The institution thrives on exceptional classroom experience and does everything it can to ensure that students get the best of the learning ambience. The classes are interactive with a constant endeavour to train students for the global challenges which lay ahead of them. It’s not just the use of technology which is the focus, but a clear analysis and understanding of the outcomes of the teaching -learning process which takes precedence here. This gives teachers a clear idea of how, where and when the entire process is succeeding or not succeeding, and how the students are going to benefit from it. The feedback mechanisms, staff colloquia, constant brainstorming among colleagues to improve the class quality, inputs from the Student Council and individual students, parent inputs and alumni interaction too go a long way in ensuring that the best educational practices are available to students. The right mix of experience and youth among the teachers and absolute parity when it comes to a blend of male and female teachers imparting top notch education, makes the college the ideal choice for more than one and a half thousand students who study here. Student experience is of paramount importance to every member of the teaching fraternity and the college management too shares the same viewpoint. The students would vouch for the fact that there is an adequate mix of rules with fun, freedom with restriction and congeniality with control. Preparing students for the future involves equipping them with the knowledge, know-how, skills and attitude to be winners in life. Comprehensive education is also about helping them to understand their peers better, working together in teams and having the sensitivity to understand others. To accomplish our dynamic vision, with every advancing semester, we earnestly aim to raise the bar and set high standards for ourselves, so that our students have the best possible holistic experience with us. The Counselling Cell, the Placement Cell and a host of club activities with a healthy Mentor-Mentee ratio, International Student Exchanges, Study Circles, Foreign Language training, Finishing School, Certificate Programmes, Cultural Events and International Day Celebrations, all combine to make the institution an ideal place to pursue their undergraduate studies. Over time, the College has become one of the most sought-after co-educational undergraduate colleges in the Twin Cities and that we see as a vindication of our performance.