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Students club

With the aim to provide well-rounded nurture, students are offered a plethora of extra-curricular/ co-curricular activity choices.

The spectrum covers anything from sports, to creative arts, to writing for the college magazine “Horizon” and even to be on the editorial board.

Additionally, films, plays, seminars, group discussions, industrial and corporate tours are periodically

arranged for the students as an integral part of their experience with St. Mary’s.

  • Math & Science Club: Students who belong to the Department of Sciences are by default members the club and are regularly involved in activities such as Science exhibitions, organizing quiz and debate competitions.
  • Finance Club: This club is specifically open to students from B.Com and BBA to learn the nuances of financial planning, the functioning of the stock exchange, tax planning and various other financial aspects that will prepare them for the marketplace.
  • Music Club: Music knows no language and it has no boundaries. This club is for anyone who enjoys music regardless of whether he/she is musically gifted. If you enjoy a good tune, this is the place for you. Apart from providing opportunities to perform and sing, the club also trains students in musical instruments.
  • Nach Le: This club was established with the mission of bringing out the students’ hidden dance moves and provide them with a platform to showcase their talent. Nach Le provides opportunities to compete and offers workshops for budding artists.
  • IT Club: Information Technology, as the name suggests, is the heart of this club. Through seminars, workshops, skill training, students are offered technical know-how that prepares them for a thriving career in the industry.
  • Vox Populi: Public speaking and debate are integral aspects of this club. Members are taught how to research, articulate arguments, and clarify ideas. It also prepares students interested in quizzing by encouraging and conducting several in-house and inter-departmental quiz competitions.
  • Photography and Media Club: This club provides an engaging space for students to learn, practice, and gain inspiration for photography. They also perform activities that help students to increase their understanding of mass media, which include TV, Radio, Newspaper, magazines & new media.



In 2016 St. Mary’s introduced it’s first annual short film festival – Montage. This festival focuses on the spirit of independent short filmmaking. The mission of the entire event is to encourage student filmmakers to portray their talents in narrative story-telling and aesthetic treatment of universal subjects. The fest serves alongside as a platform for young minds to see, share and discuss how to tell powerful stories on the shorter format of the medium. Workshop session on story-telling in cinema is another learning ground that the festival offers. Film and media is one of the most influential forms of communication in the present scenario where the young minds will be able to share their concepts, ideas and thoughts through the medium of films.


‘Prerna’ is the annual intercollegiate literary and cultural festival organized by St. Mary’s. One of the most popular fests conducted in the twin cities, Prerna is a platform to bring students of various colleges together and give them an opportunity to kindle their spirit of competition, interact with each other and to showcase their talent. A wide range of events are planned and conducted by the several departments apart from various other cultural competitions. There is music, entertainment and stalls for food, games and for display of products. The events enable students to understand the contemporary methods of application of thought to achieve holistic success.