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Our Perspective

We are Teachers, first and foremost.

Scholarships for Educators’ Children

St. Mary’s Educational Society was founded by a teacher couple. He was an English Lecturer in a Government Junior College. She was a Telugu teacher in a Convent School. They were passionate teachers hailing from a middle-class family background, but they wanted to make a bigger difference than they were already making. Coming out of their secure jobs, they started the St. Mary’s Junior College, risking all that they had, for a cause they thought was worth everything.

That was over four decades ago.

Over the years, St Mary’s Educational Society established multiple institutions at various levels of education. But each one of them shares a common set of values and that teacher perspective on everything. As a college, it is there in our DNA. We got that from our founders!

Our founders established the Yousufguda campus in 1995. Seven years later, the first undergraduate programme was rolled out in 2002. St. Mary’s College was founded by teachers, led by teachers, and twenty years later, it continues to be run by teachers.

This year, even as the College celebrates two decades of empowering young lives, St. Mary’s Foundation has decided to take our commitment to the teaching profession a step further: St. Mary’s Foundation has introduced an exclusive scholarship scheme for the children of educators who wish to pursue an undergraduate programme at St. Mary’s College.


The scholarship offered by St. Mary’s Foundation to the children of educators studying at St. Mary’s College amounts to 25% of the respective Tuition Fees. Conditions apply.


Either of the applicant’s parents (or both) must be an educator in India (a full-time teacher/lecturer at school, intermediate, undergraduate, or graduate level with at least two years of continuous experience in teaching at the time of application) and the applicant should meet the minimum marks/CGPA cut off specified for the respective year (currently, 80% marks or 8.0 CGPA for boys and 70% marks or 7.0 CGPA for girls) and any other criteria as decided by the Foundation from time to time.

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

While applying for admission to an undergraduate programme at St. Mary’s College (apply here), if eligible and interested in applying for the scholarship for educators’ children, then the applicant should choose Educator Child as the applicant category instead of General, which is the default option. However, if either parent is an educator employed by St. Mary’s Educational Society or any of its institutions, then the category to be chosen is St. Mary’s Staff Child and not Educator Child.

Operational Rules

If awarded, then half of the Even-Semester Tuition fees of the scholarship awardee at St. Mary’s College will be borne by St. Mary’s Foundation, provided (a) the student does not have any other dues to the College, (b) the student has continued to exceed or meet the marks/CGPA cut off requirements (as specified for the academic year) during her/his study at St. Mary’s College, and (c) no disciplinary action has been taken or is pending against the student either by the College or by any legal authority or agency such as the police.

Applying for the Scholarship is a voluntary act and is a matter of individual choice. Applicants are doing so out of their personal interest and in agreement with the terms and conditions related to the offering. It is to be noted that children of educators can apply for admission to St. Mary’s College without choosing the Educator Child category and seeking the scholarship. Awarding of scholarship is completely at the discretion of St. Mary’s Foundation, and the College does not have a say on any matter related to any of the scholarships offered by the Foundation.

For more details, reach out to the Admission Team or email: thefoundationthatcares(at)stmaryscollege(dot)in

Conditions Apply.