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St Mary’s College

Research and Consultancy

The purpose of academic research is to create new knowledge and push the boundaries of each discipline. We can learn further only on the basis of what we already know. Therefore, research enables us to learn new things and also makes us capable of learning further. Teachers involved in research inspire and equip students to take up research, thus producing more, better prepared, and better qualified researchers who contribute to their disciplines and to the nation.

There is ample evidence that learning outcomes improve when educators are involved in research. Teachers engaged in research tend to be updated with current developments in their fields and would be familiar with changed facts which could be different from those mentioned in books and printed material that are dated. Teachers engaged in research also come out with original information that brings a certain excitement to the classrooms. Such excitement is contagious and teacher-researchers are more likely to get students to be research-oriented. Increasingly, men and women have to compete with machines in their professions, and acquiring research skills can make a significant difference to the future prospects of today’s youngsters. It is in this context that St Mary’s College has consciously increased its thrust on faculty research.

Teacher-Researchers in St Mary’s College are led by a Research Committee which promotes research by staff and students. The Research Committee facilitates participation and paper contribution by teachers at various national and international conferences and seminars. Staff members are also encouraged to participate in workshops and faculty development programmes, especially related to honing their research skills. Teachers are also provided additional incentives for top-quality publications. The Research Committee is chaired by the Head of Research & Consultancy at St Mary’s College, currently, Dr B Swathi, Assistant Professor of Commerce.

Teacher-Researchers are increasingly keen on connecting with the industry as this helps them identify and work on real-world problems and challenges. Partnering with the team at the South State Business School, some are now involved in providing training programmes and offering consultancy services for the industry. While many academic departments have organized Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) for equipping teachers of other colleges, the Department of Business Management has organized Management Development Programmes (MDP) for industry participants (MDP event details), thus helping us play a small part in bridging the gap academia-industry gap.

While St Mary’s College currently offers only undergraduate and certificate courses, the College prefers to hire teachers with a doctoral qualification and a track-record of research. The College also actively encourages and supports its current staff members to pursue their PhDs.