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Partnerships & Collaborations

We aspire to be an institution that is acclaimed globally for comprehensive education and exceptional student experience
The Budapest Metropolitan University (METU), formerly the BKF University of Applied Sciences, Budapest, is the largest private university in Hungary with three campuses in Budapest and one in Southern Hungary. The University offers European Union accredited degree programs in English. St. Mary’s College has a bilateral agreement with METU to facilitate cooperation as well as student and staff exchanges. The University’s application for International Credit Mobility with St Mary’s College in the framework of Erasmus+ KA107 program was selected for European Union funding. In 2017-18, Dr. Györgyi Rétfalvi, Head of the Communication and Media BA and MA programs at METU spent a week at St Mary’s College and Mr. Amrit Amlan Pattanaik, Lecturer in Mass Communication at St Mary’s College spent a week at METU. This was followed by Mr Akshat Thonangi and Mr Yashwanth Gollapalli, BA Students from St Mary’s College, spending a semester at METU.
Founded in 1950, California Baptist University (CBU) is one of the top private colleges and universities in Southern California. CBU offers bachelor’s, master’s and credential programs in Riverside, San Bernardino and online. St. Mary’s College has a bilateral agreement with CBU for short-term summer programs as well as exchange of faculty members and students between the University’s Riverside campus and St Mary’s College. Students who have completed their undergraduate programs in St Mary’s College have gone on to do their Master’s at CBU.
The Beijing Information Science and Technology University (BISTU), run by the Beijing Municipality, is located in the Haidian District of Beijing, and has five campuses, namely Xiaoying, Jianxiangqiao, Qinghe, Jintailu, and Jiuxianqiao. BISTU is the result of the merger of Beijing Institute of Machinery (BIM) and Beijing Institute of Information (BIT) in 2008. The history of BIM could be traced back to Peiping Advanced Business School established in 1937. The University has 17 schools and has a student body of over 15,000 students, including more than 1,100 postgraduate students. The University runs 36 undergraduate programs, covering the disciplines of engineering, management, science, economics, and literature. St. Mary’s College and BISTU have an agreement to cooperate on the basis of academic friendship and mutual understanding. Both the institutions believe that mutual benefit can be derived from scholarly interaction, cultural exchange, cooperative research and other forms of academic collaboration.
St. Mary’s University (SMU), founded in 1852, is the first institution of higher learning in San Antonio and the oldest Catholic University in Texas and the Southwest. St. Mary’s University offers more than 75 programs, including doctoral and law programs and has a diverse student population of about 3,800 of all faiths and backgrounds. St. Mary’s College has a bilateral agreement with SMU to establish inter-institution cooperation and interaction, scientific and cultural exchange, as well as to collaborate on non-credit academic programs for students from India.

Community Led Action Programme with Police

The Community Led Action Programme with Police (CLAPP) For Women’s Safety at Public Places is a one-year community partnership initiative (July 15, 2015 – July 15, 2016) begun by the International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) and the U.S. Consulate General, in Chennai and Hyderabad to work in collaboration with the police and the student communities to arrive at sustainable solutions to tackle sexual harassment in public spaces and within institutions. This project entails putting together a team of police personnel and college youth (girls and boys) who will work together to identify problem areas around gender based violence in public spaces against women and girls, analyse their causes and consequences, develop and implement solutions and assess the effectiveness of the solutions.

In the 6 months since the inception of the CLAPP Project in July, PCVC has established a strong relationship with both the St. Mary’s College as well as the police force in Hyderabad and has successfully conducted three capacity building workshops in the city. Strong strides have been taken to establish a lively and robust social media presence that documents the team’s journey; reaches out to the larger public through a planned series of informational and thought-provoking posts to initiate conversations and engage with the causes, consequences and impact of sexual harassment in public spaces in our cities; and creates networks with organizations and people doing similar work both nationally and globally in an effort to share learning, collaborate and stand in solidarity.